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The RAPE of the LOCK.

The skilful Nymph reviews her Force with Care;

Let Spades be Trumps, ſhe ſaid, and Trumps they were.

Now move to War her Sable Matadores,

In Show like Leaders of the ſwarthy Moors.

Spadillio firſt, unconquerable Lord!

Led off two captive Trumps, and ſwept the Board.

As many more Manillio forc'd to yield,

And march'd a Victor from the verdant Field.

Him Baſto follow'd, but his Fate more hard

Gain'd but one Trump and one Plebeian Card.

With his broad Sabre next, a Chief in Years,

The hoary Majesty of Spades appears;

Puts forth one manly Leg, to sight reveal'd;

The reſt his many-colour'd Robe conceal'd.

The Rebel-Knave, who dares his Prince engage,

Proves the just Victim of his Royal Rage.

Ev'n mighty Pam that Kings and Queens o'erthrow,

And mow'd down Armies in the Fights of Lu,

Sad Chance of War! now, deſtitute of Aid,

Falls undiſtinguish'd by the Victor Spade!