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The RAPE of the LOCK.

Who cauſe the Proud their Viſits to delay,

And ſend the Godly in a Pett, to pray.

A Nymph there is, that all thy Pow'r diſdains,

And thouſands more in equal Mirth maintains.

But oh! if e'er thy Gnome could ſpoil a Grace,

Or raiſe a Pimple on a beauteous Face,

Like Citron-Waters Matron's Cheeks inflame,

Or change Complexions at a loſing Game;

If e'er with airy Horns I planted Heads,

Or rumpled Petticoats, or tumbled Beds,

Or caus'd Suſpicion when no Soul was rude,

Or diſcompos'd the Head-dreſs of a Prude,

Or e'er to coſtive Lap-Dog gave Diſeaſe,

Which not the Tears of brighteſt Eyes could eaſe:

Hear me, and touch Belinda with Chagrin;

That ſingle Act gives half the World the Spleen.

The Goddess with a diſcontented Air

Seems to reject him, tho' ſhe grants his Pray'r.