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The RAPE of the LOCK.

The Lock, obtain'd with Guilt, and kept with Pain,

In ev'ry place is ſought, but ſought in vain:

With ſuch a Prize no Mortal muſt be bleſt,

So Heav'n decrees! with Heav'n who can conteſt?

Some thought it mounted to the Lunar Sphere,

[1] Since all things loſt on Earth, are treasur'd there.

There Heroe's Wits are kept in pondrous Vaſes,

And Beau's in Snuff-boxes and Tweezer-Caſes.

There broken Vows, and Death-bed Alms are found,

And Lovers Hearts with Ends of Riband bound;

The Courtiers Promiſes, and Sick Man's Pray'rs,

The Smiles of Harlots, and the Tears of Heirs,

Cages for Gnats, and Chains to Yoak a Flea;

Dry'd Butterflies, and Tomes of Caſuiſtry.

But trust the Muſe——she saw it upward riſe,

Tho' mark'd by none but quick Poetic Eyes:

(So Rome's great Founder to the Heav'ns withdrew,

To Proculus alone confeſs'd in view.)

  1. Vid. Arioſto. Canto 34.