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E P I S T L E.

guarded Follies, but at their own. But as it was communicated with the Air of a Secret, it ſoon found its Way into the World. An imperfect Copy having been offer'd to a Bookſeller, You had the Good-Nature for my Sake to conſent to the Publication of one more correct: This I was forc'd to before I had executed half my Deſign, for the Machinery was entirely wanting to compleat it.

The Machinery, Madam, is a Term invented by the Criticks, to ſignify that Part which the Deities, Angels, or Dæmons, are made to act in a Poem: For the ancient Poets are in one reſpect like many modern Ladies; Let an Action be never ſo trivial in it ſelf, they always make it appear of the utmoſt Impor-