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Of a great passion, mounting like a sea,
And breaking; and the mystery flooded him
Of a communion unimaginable,
That, interpenetrating flesh and bone,
Vibrated in the motion of his blood
And shook him, darkening wave on darkening wave
Of deep emotion pure; ineffable
The seizure; and the ghostly hills of night
Whitened around him; high in heaven came
A rush of stars in the wide universe;
And Chrestoval stood o'er him; his last look
Clung to that silent face, immovable,
Strange, yet familiar, beautiful, supreme.
Then, upon running waves of darkness borne,
Sank his dear head, and from his mortal sight,
With all that he inherited of earth,
It faded; as one day this world shall melt
And vanish in the passing of the soul.