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role of Porus in Racine's and also in Metastasio's "Alexandre;" Corneille's "Nicomede;" Goethe's "Goetz von Berlichingen" and a part of "Egmont;" Metastasio's "Cato;" Manzoni's "Adelghis" and a part of his "Count of Carmagnola;" the death of Hector in Shakespeare's "Troilus and Cressida;" "Nana-Sahib" (Richepin, 1883); "Edith" (Bois, 1885); the tetralogy of the "Nibelungen;" "An Enemy of the People" (Ibsen); "Le Roi sans Couronne" (de Bouhtfier, 1909).

D — A Pseudo-Madman Struggling Against an Iago-Like Alienist: — "La Vicomtesse Alice" (Second 1882).