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court; "Rolande" (Gramont, 1888); "Maman Colibri" (Bataille, 1904). From fiction: La Cousine Bette;" "Le Capitaine Burle."

(2) — The Same Effect Produced by Any Other Vice: — "Trente Ans ou la Vie d'un Joueur;" "L'Assommoir." From fiction "L'Opium" by Bonnetain; "Lelie" by Willy. In real life: our race-courses, our wine-shops, our cafes, our clubs, etc. In comedy: "Un Ange" (Capus, 1909).

Few situations, obviously, have received better and more constant treatment during our own century — to whose vices the Twenty-Second offers, in truth, a most appropriate mirror, in its amalgam of gloom and eroticism, at the same time presenting the most interesting studies of nervous pathology.