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TWENTY-FOURTH SITUATION 77 A — Masculine Rivalries (1) — Of a Mortal and an Immortal : "Mrigancalckha" by Yiswanatha; "Heaven and Earth" by Byron; "Polypheme" (Samain). Of Two Divinities of Unequal Power: "Pandore" by Vol- taire.

(2) - Of a Magician and an Ordinary Man:- "Tanis et Zelide," by Voltaire.

(3) - - Of Conqueror and Conquered: - - "Malati and Madhava" by Bhavabuti; "Le Tribut de Zamora" (Gounod, 1881); "LeSais" (Mme. Ollognier, 1881). Of Victor and Vanquished: -Voltaire's "Alzire." Of a Master and a Banished Man: - "Appius and Virginia" by Webster; "Hernani" and "Mangeront-Ils?" by Hugo; "Dante" (Godard, 1890). Of Usurper and Subject: - "Le Triumvirat" by Voltaire.

(4) -Of Suzerain King and Vassal Kings: - Cor- neille's "Attila."

(5) - - Of a King and a Noble: - "The Earthen Toy- Cart" by Sudraka; "The Mill" and "Nina de Plata" by Lope; "Ag&silas and Surena" by Corneille; "Demetrius" by Metastasio; "Le Fils de Porthos" (Blavet 1886).

(6) Of a Powerful Person and an Upstart: "Don Sanche" by Corneille; "La Marjolaine" (Richepin fils. 1907).

(7)- Of Rich and Poor: "La Question d'Argent" by Dumas; "La Nuit de Saint -.lean" i Erckmann-Chatrian and Lacome); "En Greve" (Hirseh, 1885); "Surcouf" (Planquette, 1887); "L' Attentat." (Capus and Descaves, 1906) "La Barricade" (Bourget, l910);"La Petite Milliar- daire" (Dumay and Forest, L905). In fiction: pari of "Toilers of the Sea." Relative inequality: "Mon Ami Teddy" (Rivoire and Besnard, L910 .

(8) of an Honored Man and a Suspected One: "I/Obstacle" (Daudet, L890); "Le Drapeau" (Moreau, 1879); "Devanl I'Ennemi" (Charton, L890); ".lack Tem- pgte" (Elzear, L882); "La Bucheronne" (C. Edmond, 1889). In comedy: "Le Manage de Mile. Boulemans" Fonson and Wicheler, L9U .

Rivalry of Two who Are Almost Equal: 

"Dhourtta Samagana," the rivals here being master and disciple, as is also the case in "Maitres Chanteurs," but