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Li Po the Chinese Poet

�� ��No. 92. Bereft of Love.

Waley, Asiatic Rev. The Distant Parting.

No. 93, 94. Lady Wang-chao, I, II.

Lowell, Fir-Flower Tablets. The Honorable Lady Chao. (No. 94)

��No. 95. The North Wind.

No. 96. The Borderland Moon.

Bernhardi, Li Tai-Po. Der Mond fiber dem

Kuan Berge. Lowell, Fir-Flower Tablets. The Moon over

the Mountain Pass.

No. 97. The Nefarious War.

Forke, Bliithen Chin. Dicht. Elend des Krie-

ges. Waley, Asiatic Rev. Fighting. Lowell, Fir-Flower Tablets. Fighting to the

South of the City.

No. 98. Before the Cask of Wine.

Bernhardi, Li Tai-Po. Zwei Lieder beim

Becher Wein. Forke, Bliithen Chin. Dicht. Beim Wein.

No. 99. Yuan Tan-chiu of the East Mountain.

Bernhardi, Li Tai-Po. Schreiben an Yuan

Tan-Chiu. Waley, Asiatic Rev. To Tan-chiu. [232]

�� �� �