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^Sp j^enrp D. CJoreatt. iV£»' RIVERSIDE EDITION. I. A WEEK ON THE CONCORD AND MERRI- MACK RIVERS. II. WALDEN ; OR, LIFE IN THE WOODS. III. THE MAINE WOODS. IV. CAPE COD. V. EARLY SPRING IN MASSACHUSETTS. VI. SUMMER. With a Map of Concord. VII. AUTUMN. VIII. WINTER. IX. EXCURSIONS. X. MISCELLANIES. With a Biographical Sketch by Ralph Waldo Emerson. XI. FAMILIAR LETTERS. Edited, with an Intro- duction and Notes, by Frank B. Sanborn. XI volumes, crown 8vo, each, with an index, $1.50 ; the set, cloth, in box, ^16.50; hal£ calf, $30.25 ; half calf, gilt top, $33. CAPE COD. Holiday Edition. Illustrated in water- colors by Miss Amelia B. Watson. 2 vols, crown 8vo, J5.00. WALDEN; OR, LIFE IN THE WOODS. Holiday Edition. With an Introduction by Bradford ToRREY, and 30 full-page photogravure illustrations, 2 vols. i2mo. The Same. Popular Edition. With a Biographical Sketch by Ralph Waldo Emerson, i vol. i2mo, {$1.00, The .Same, Riverside Aldine Edition. 2 vols. i6mo, ^3.00. THOREAU'S THOUGHTS. Selections from the Writ- ings of Henry D, Thoreau, Edited by H, G, O. Blake. With Bibliography. i6mo, gilt top, Sr.oo. THE SUCCESSION OF FOREST TREES AND WILD APPLES. With Biographical Sketch by Emerson. x6mo, paper, 15 cents, net. HOUGHTON, MIFFLIN & CO. Boston and New York.