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And he heard, with deep emotion,
Why the White Dove hovered round him,
In his fasts and in his vigils,
Stirred his thoughts, and shaped his fancies,
Till she led him through the forest,
Toward the land of Souls and Shadows.
These things all were told Abeka
By the Master of the Wigwam.

    Then he took Abeka with him,
Out again, and pointing Southward,
"Yonder lake," he said, "divides you
"From the land of Souls and Shadows.
"Standing here you see its borders,
"You may view its plains of verdure,
"And the sparkling of its waters,
"And the purple of its mountains.
"But you cannot take your body;
"Leave it with your bow and arrows,
"Leave it with your dog and knapsack;
"On returning you shall find them."