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practised by man so calculated to ensure reverence and obedience. From the middle of the throng of death-like sleepers this man rises up, and in a short time feels again the full tide of life in his veins. He listens to the progress made in the achievement of his plans, and the growth of the power of his race. He commands his latest descendants to obey the new vice-regent, and having for one day put in force his reason and will, he again surrenders himself to sleep."

Daphne was awe-struck by this narrative, but with an effort she said, "And do not the other sleepers also awake?"

"They," replied Thoth, "are destined to wake only when the task of our race is on the eve of completion, to take part in our final triumph, and that is no less than the conquest of the whole earth."

"Tell me," she said, fascinated by a