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gency provision has been made. It is useless to discuss the matter further, or to delay longer. This very day thou must be prepared to face the assembly."

"And if we fail, whither shall we flee?" said Daphne.

"Nowhither," he replied.

"And, after all thy promises, wilt thou leave me to the mercy of these haters of women? If thy love for me is real, and if thou art prepared to die with me, at least redeem thy promise and take me back to Greece, and there we can await our doom. Thou dost not think," she said, anxiously, "that the plague has destroyed all the Greeks?"

"No," he replied; "I have no doubt that by this time it is spent, and that many survive."

"Then," she said, "if we fail, flee with me. In any case thou wilt be an outcast from thy tribe. And I am very young, and life is very