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she said, "Give me some sign that these are thy servants. Why does that man," pointing to one of them, "sneer at me and laugh so immoderately?"

Then the leader said, "Here is a sign for thee."

And going up to the man, he struck him full in the face, and the blood started from his lips, and the man fell as one dead, yet none of his companions said a word.

Then Daphne believed in his authority, but she was alarmed by his violence and turned to go. But he said to her—

"Wilt thou indeed go back to a loathsome death when life and honour and riches are open to thee? Wouldst thou through silly fear become like him?" and he pointed to a man at a little distance writhing in the agony of the plague. "I can save thee if thou wilt. See, the plague has no terror for me."