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a horrible death through thy aid. But my request is this: whatever thou sayest to me, let it be truth—do not play with me at least, with idle tales."

The Egyptian seemed to reflect for a long time, and his look became gloomy.

Then he said: "Already I have promised thee more than I intended, and the truth is too hard for thee to hear, or even to understand, for the present."

For a moment Daphne shuddered, but by an effort she recovered her composure, and said: "To avoid death by the pestilence, willingly, with my eyes open, I surrendered myself to thee, although I did not know even thy name. I look on myself as already in the under-world. Nothing now will terrify me, for thy vaunted oath I believe no longer."

The Egyptian replied, "The oath cannot be broken, and whatever I say to thee shall