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Book I.

all wiſe men, that the Hebrew letters are the moſt efficacious of all, becauſe they have the greateſt ſimilitude with Celeſtials, and the world, and that the letters of the other tongues have not ſo great an efficacy, becauſe they are more diſtant from them. Now the diſpoſition of theſe, the following Table will explain. Alſo all the Letters have double numbers of their order, viz. Extended, which ſimply expreſs of what number the letters are, according to their order : and collected, which recollect with themſelves the numbers of all the preceding letters. Alſo they have integrall numbers, which reſult from the names of Letters, according to their various manners of numbring. The vertues of which numbers, he that ſhall know, ſhall be able in every tongue to draw forth wonderfull myſteries by their letters, as alſo to tell what things have been paſt, and foretell things to come. There are alſo other myſterious joynings of letters with numbers : but we ſhall abundantly diſcourſe of all theſe in the following Books : Wherefore we will now put an end to this firſt Book.

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