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quantity of naturall Bodies, as extended into three dimenſions, as alſo to conceive of the motion, and courſe of Celeſtiall Bodies.

As in great haſt,
What makes the golden Stars to march ſo faſt;
What makes the Moon ſometimes to maſk her face,
The Sun alſo, as if in ſome diſgrace.

And as Virgil ſings,

How th' Sun doth rule with twelve Zodiack Signs,
The Orb thats meaſur'd round about with Lines,
It doth the Heavens Starry way make known,
And ſtrange Eclipſes of the Sun, and Moon.
Arcturns alſo, and the Stars of Rain,
The Seaven Stars likewiſe, and
his Wain,
Why Winter Suns make tow'rds the Weſt ſo faſt;
What makes the Nights ſo long ere they be paſt?

All which is underſtood by Mathematicall Philoſophy.

Hence by the Heavens we may foreknow
The ſeaſons all; times for to reap and ſow,
And when 'tis fit to launch into the deep,
And when to War, and when in peace to ſleep,
And when to dig up Trees, and them again
To ſet; that ſo they may bring forth amain.

Now Theologicall Philoſophy, or Divinity, teacheth what God is, what the Mind, what an Intelligence, what an Angel, what a Divell, what the Soul, what Religion, what ſacred Inſtitutions, Rites, Temples, Obſervations, and ſacred Myſteries are: It inſtructs us alſo concerning Faith, Miracles, the vertues of Words and Figures, the ſecret operations and myſteries of Seals, and as Apuleius ſaith, it teacheth us rightly to underſtand, and to be ſkilled in the Ceremoniall Laws, the equity of Holy things and rule of Religions. But to recollect my ſelf)