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Book I.

the ſame according to Moſes, and Pauls teſtimony, A conſuming Fire? That Elements therefore are to be found everywhere, and in all things after their manner, no man can deny : Firſt in theſe inferiour bodies feculent, and groſs, and in Celeſtials more pure, and clear ; but in ſuperceleſtials living, and in all reſpects bleſſed. Elements therefore in the exemplary world are Idea's of things to be produced, in Intelligencies are diſtributed powers, in Heavens are vertues, and in inferiour bodies groſs forms.


Of the vertues of things Naturall, depending immediatly upon Elements.

OF the naturall vertues of things, ſome are Elementary, as to heat, to cool, to moiſten, to dry; and they are called operations, or firſt qualities, and the ſecond act : for theſe qualities only do wholly change the whole ſubſtance, which none of the other qualities can do. And ſome are in things compounded of Elements, and theſe are more then firſt qualities, and ſuch are thoſe that are maturating, digeſting, reſolving, mollifying, hardening, reſtringing, abſterging, corroding, burning, opening, evaporating, ſtrengthening, mitigating, conglutinating, obſtructing, expelling, retaining, attracting, repercuſsing, ſtupifying, beſtowing, lubrifying, and many more. Elementary qualities do many things in a mixt body, which they cannot do in the Elements themſelves. And theſe operations are called ſecondary qualities, becauſe they follow the nature, and proportion of the mixtion of the firſt vertues, as largely it is treated of in Phyſick Books. As maturation, which is the operation of naturall heat, according to a certain proportion in the ſubſtance of the matter. Induration is the operation of cold; ſo alſo is congelation, and ſo of the reſt. And theſe operations ſometimes act upon a certain member, as ſuch which provoke Urine, Milk, the Menſtrua, and