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To my moſt honorable, and no leſs learned Friend, Robert Childe, Doctor of Phyſick.

SIR! Great men decline, mighty men may fall, but an honeſt Philosopher keeps his Station for ever. To your ſelf therefore I crave leave to preſent, what I know you are able to protect; not with ſword, but by reaſon; & not that only, but what by your acceptance you are able to give a luſtre to. I ſee it is not in vain that you have compaſſed Sea and Land, for thereby you have made a Proſelyte, not of another, but of your ſelf, by being converted from vulgar, and irrational incredulities to the rational embracing of the ſublime, Hermeticall, and Theomagicall truths. You are skilled in the one as if Hermes had been your Tutor; have inſight in the other, as if Agrippa