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Knowest thou, my brother, the word ' contempt ' ? And the agony it is for thy justice to be just unto those who despise thee?

Thou compellest many to relearn about thee; that is sternly set down unto thine account by them. Thy drawing near unto them and yet passing they will never pardon.

Thou goest beyond them : the higher thou risest, the smaller thou appearest unto the eye of envy. But he who flieth is hated the most.

' How could ye be just unto me ! ' thou hast to say ' I choose your injustice as my portion.'

Injustice and dirt are thrown after the lonely one; but, my brother, if thou wouldst be a star, thou must shine unto them none the less !

Beware of the good and just! They would fain crucify those who invent their own standard of virtue, they hate the lonely one.

Beware also of sacred simplicity ! For it, nothing is sacred that is not simple ; it liketh to play with the fire of the stake.

And beware of the attacks of thy love ! Too quickly the lonely one stretcheth out his hand unto him whom he meeteth.

Unto some folk thou shouldst not give thy hand, but only thy paw, and I would that thy paw might have claws.

But the worst enemy thou canst meet will always

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