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But the tarantulae would have it otherwise. 'Call it very justice, to fill the world with the thunderstorms of our revenge,' thus they speak unto each other.

' Revenge will we take, and aspersion will we cast on all who are not like us ' this the tarantulae-hearts pledge unto themselves.

And 'will unto equality that itself shall in the future become the name of virtue; and we will raise our clamour against everything that hath power ! '

Ye preachers of equality, the tyrant-insanity of im- potency thus crieth out of yourselves for ' equality.' Your most secret tyrant-aspirations thus disguise them- selves under words of virtue !

Surly presumption, hidden envy, perhaps the pre- sumption and envy of your fathers : as a flame and insanity of revenge they break forth from you.

What the father kept close is uttered by the son ; and frequently I found the son to be the revealed secret of the father.

They resemble the enthusiastic ; but it is not the heart that rouseth their enthusiasm, but revenge. And when they grow sharp and cold, it is not spirit, but envy that maketh them sharp and cold.

Their jealousy even leadeth them into the paths of thinkers ; and it is the mark of their jealousy that they ever go too far, so that their weariness hath at last to lie down on the snow to sleep.

From each of their laments soundeth revenge, in

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