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How many things are at present called highest wick- edness, which are only twelve shoes broad and three months long! One day, however, bigger dragons will come into the world.

For, in order that beyond-man may not lack a dragon, a beyond-dragon that is worthy of him, much hot sun- shine must glow over damp primeval forest!

Out of your wild cats tigers must have grown and crocodiles out of your poisonous toads. For the good hunter shall have a good hunt !

And, verily, ye good and just! Much in you is laughable and especially your fear of what hath hith- erto been called ' devil ' !

What is great is so strange unto your soul, that beyond-man would be terrible unto you by his kindness !

And ye wise and knowing men, ye would flee from the burning sun of wisdom, in which beyond-man rejoiceth to bathe his nakedness !

Ye highest men with whom mine eye hath met! This is my doubt as regardeth you, and my secret laughter: I guess, my beyond-man ye would call 'devil'!

Alas, I have grown weary of these highest and best ! From their ' height ' I longed to rise upwards, out, away unto beyond-man !

A terror overcame me when I saw these best men naked. Then wings grew unto me to fly away into remote futures.

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