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His heart filled with such riddles and bitterness, Zarathustra went over the sea. But when he was away from the blissful islands and from his friends a four days' journey, he had overcome all his pain. Vic- torious and with firm feet he again stood on his fate. And then Zarathustra thus spake unto his rejoicing conscience :

"Alone am I again and will be, alone with pure sky and free sea ; and again there is afternoon round me.

One afternoon I found my friends for the first time ; another afternoon I found them a second time, at the hour when all light groweth stiller.

For whatever of happiness is still on its way be- tween heaven and earth seeketh now for its home a light soul. From happiness all light hath now become stiller.

Oh, afternoon of my life ! Once my happiness also went down unto the valley to look for a home. Then it found those open, hospitable souls.

Oh, afternoon of my life ! What did I not give away in order to have one thing : this living planta-


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