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" Oh, sky above me ! Thou pure ! Thou deep ! Thou abyss of light ! Gazing at thee, I quiver with god-like desires.

To cast myself up unto thy height that is my profundity ! To hide myself in thy purity that is mine innocence !

A God is veiled by his beauty : thus thy stars are hidden by thee. Thou speakest not : thus thou show- est forth thy wisdom unto me.

Silent over a roaring sea thou hast risen to-day unto me ; thy love and thy shame utter a revelation unto my roaring soul.

That thou earnest unto me, beautiful, veiled in thy beauty ; that silent thou speakest unto me, manifest in thy wisdom

Oh, how should I not guess all that is full of shame in thy soul ! Before sunrise thou earnest unto me, the loneliest one.

We are friends from the beginning. Sorrow and horror and soil we share ; even the sun we share.

We do not speak unto each other because we know too many things. We stare silently at each other; smiling we declare our knowledge unto one another.


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