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"It is given" that is one of those doctrines of submission. But I tell you, ye comfortable ones: "// is taken " and evermore will be taken from you !

Oh, that ye would renounce that half willing and resolve upon idleness as one resolveth upon action !

Oh, that ye would understand my word: "Be sure to do whatever ye like, but first of all be such as can will!

Be sure to love your neighbour as yourselves, but first of all be such as love themselves

As love themselves with great love, with great con- tempt ! " Thus speaketh Zarathustra, the ungodly.

But what say I where no one hath mine ears ! Here it is still an hour too early for me.

Mine own forerunner I am among these folk, mine own cock-crow through dark lanes.

But their hour will come ! And mine will come also ! Every hour they become smaller, poorer, less fertile. Poor pot-herbs ! Poor soil !

And soon shall they stand there like dry grass and prairie, and, verily, wearied of themselves and long- ing for fire more than for water !

Oh, blessed hour of lightning ! Oh, secret of the forenoon ! Running fires shall I one day make out of them and announcers with fiery tongues.

Announce shall they one day with fiery tongues : ' It cometh, it is nigh, the great noon ! ' '

Thus spake Zarathustra.

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