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All-contentedness that knoweth how to taste every- thing that is not the best taste ! I honour the obstinate, fastidious tongues and stomachs which have learnt to say : ' I ' and ' Yea ' and ' Nay.'

To chew and digest everything that is the proper way of swine. To say always Hee-haw that hath been learnt by the ass alone and creatures of his kidney !

Deep yellow and hot red thus my taste willeth. It mixeth blood with all colours. But whoever painteth his house white betrayeth unto me a soul painted white.

Some fall in love with mummies, others with ghosts ; both are alike enemies unto all flesh and blood. Oh, how contrary are they both unto my taste ! For I love blood.

And not there will I stay and dwell where every- body spitteth and bespattereth ; that is my taste. Rather would I live among thieves and perjured ones. No one carrieth gold in his mouth.

But still more repugnant unto me are all lick- spittles ; and the most repugnant beast of a man I have found, I have baptized parasite. It would not love and yet would live by love.

I call every one unblessed who hath only one choice, to become an evil beast or evil subduer of beasts. With such I would not build tabernacles.

Unblessed also call I those who must always wait.

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