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Break, break the good and just ! O my brethren, understood ye this word ?


Ye flee from me ? Ye are terrified ? Ye tremble in the presence of this word?

O my brethren, when I bade you break the good and the tables of the good it was then only that I put man on board ship for his high sea.

Only now cometh the great terror unto him, the great look round, the great illness, the great loathing, the great sea-sickness.

False shores and false securities ye were taught by the good. In the lies of the good ye were born and hidden. Through the good everything hath become deceitful and crooked from the bottom.

But he who discovered the land 'man/ discovered also the land : ' human future.' Now ye shall be unto me sailors, brave, patient ones !

Walk upright in time, O my brethren, learn how to walk upright ! The sea stormeth. Many wish to raise themselves with your help.

The sea stormeth. Everything is in the sea. Up ! Upwards ! Ye old sailor hearts !

What ? A fatherland ? Thither striveth our rudder, where our children's land is. Out thither, stormier than the sea, our great longing stormeth !

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