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thou even persuadedst the reasons unto thy side like the sun which even persuadeth the sea to ascend unto his height!

O my soul, I took from thee all obeying, bending of knees, and saying lord ! I myself gave thee the names 'change of needs' and 'fate.'

O my soul, I gave thee new names and many- coloured toys ! I called thee ' fate ' and ' orbit of orbits ' and 'navel-cord of time' and 'azure bell.'

O my soul, unto thy soil gave I all wisdom to drink, all new wines, and also all beyond-memory old, strong wines of wisdom !

O my soul, every sun I poured out over thee, and every night, and every silence, and every longing ! Then thou grewest up unto me like a vine plant.

O my soul, over-rich and heavy thou standest there, a vine plant with swelling udders and close brown grapes

Close and pressed from thy happiness, waiting because of abundance, and bashful even because of thy waiting.

O my soul, there is certainly now here a soul more full of love, readier to embrace and more comprehen- sive ! Where could the future and what is past be closer together than with thee ?

O my soul, I gave thee all, and all my hands have become empty through giving unto thee ! And now ! now thou sayest unto me, smiling and full of melan- choly : ' Which of us hath to thank the other ?

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