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Such a food may, it is true, not be for children, nor for longing little women old and young. Their intestines are persuaded differently. I am not their physician and teacher.

The loathing leaveth these higher men. Up! that is my victory. In my kingdom they grow secure. All stupid shame fleeth away. They pour themselves out.

They pour out their heart. Good hours return unto them. They cease from labour and ruminate. ,They grow thankful.

This I take as the best sign : they grow thankful. Ere long, they will invent festivals and put up stones in memoriam of their old enjoyments.

They are convalescent ! " Thus spake Zarathustra gaily unto his heart and gazed out. But his animals thronged round him and honoured his happiness and his silence.

��But suddenly Zarathustra's ear was terrified. For the cave, which had hitherto been full of noise and laughter, became all at once as still as death. And his nose smelt the sweet-scenting smoke and frank- incense, as if it sprang from burning pine-cones.

"What happeneth ? What do they? " he asked him- self and stole unto the entrance in order to be able to look at his guests, unobserved. But wonder over

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