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"Somewhere there are still peoples and herds, but not with us, my brethren : with us there are states.

The state ? What is that ? Well ! now open your ears, for now I deliver my sentence on the death of peoples.

The state is called the coldest of all cold monsters. And coldly it lieth ; and this lie creepeth out of its mouth : ' I, the state, am the people.'

It is a lie ! Creators they were who created the peoples and hung one belief and one love over them ; thus they served life.

Destroyers they are who lay traps for many, calling them the state : they hung a sword and a hundred desires over them.

Wherever a people is left, it understandeth not the state but hateth it as the evil eye and a sin against customs and rights.

This sign I show unto you : every people speaketh its own tongue of good and evil not understood by its neighbour. Every people hath found out for itself its own language in customs and rights.

But the state is a liar in all tongues of good and


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