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Every wild forest a-sniffing,

Greedily-longingly, sniffing,

That you, in wild forests,

'Mong the motley-speckled fierce creatures,

Shouldest rove, sinful-sound and fine-colored,

With longing lips smacking,

Blessedly mocking, blessedly hellish, blessedly blood-thirsty,

Robbing, skulking, lying- roving:-

Or to eagles like which fixedly,

Long adown the precipice look,

Adown their precipice:- -

Oh, how they whirl down now,

Thereunder, therein,

To ever deeper profoundness whirling!-



With aim aright,

With quivering flight,

On lambkins pouncing,

Headlong down, sore-hungry,

For lambkins longing,

Fierce 'gainst all lamb-spirits,

Furious-fierce all that look

Sheeplike, or lambeyed, or crisp-woolly,

-Grey, with lambsheep kindliness!

Even thus,

Eaglelike, pantherlike,

Are the poet's desires,

Are your own desires 'neath a thousand guises.