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Agency Research and Special Programs Administration Saint Lawrence Seaway Development Corporation Secretary of Transportation, Office of Surface Transportation Board Transportation Statistics Bureau Transportation, Office of Transportation Statistics Brureau Travel Allowances, Temporary Duty (TDY) Treasury Department Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, Bureau of Community Development Financial Institutions Fund Comptroller of the Currency Customs Service, United States Engraving and Printing, Bureau of Federal Acquisition Regulation Federal Law Enforcement Training Center Fiscal Service Foreign Assets Control, Office of Internal Revenue Service International Investment, Office of Monetary Offices Secret Service Secretary of the Treasury, Office of Thrift Supervision, Office of Truman, Harry S. Scholarship Foundation United States and Canada, International Joint Commission United States and Mexico, International Boundary and Water Commission, United States Section Utah Reclamation Mitigation and Conservation Commission Veterans Affairs Department Federal Acquisition Regulation Veterans' Employment and Training, Office of the Assistant Secretary for Vice President of the United States, Office of Vocational and Adult Education, Office of Wage and Hour Division Water Resources Council Workers' Compensation Programs, Office of World Agricultural Outlook Board o CFR Title, Subtitle or Chapter 49, I 33, IV 14, II; 49, Subtitle A 49, X 49, XI 7, XXXIII 49, XI 41, 301 5, XXI; 12, XV; 17, IV; 31, IX 27, I 12, XVIII 12, I 19, I 31, VI 48, 10 31, VII 31, II 31, V 26, I 31, VIII 31, I 31, IV 31, Subtitle A 12, V 45, XVIII 22, IV 22, XI 43, III 38, I 48, 8 41, 61; 20, IX 32, XXVIII 34, IV 29, V 18, VI 20, I 7, XXXVIII 483