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Proclamations Proc. 7912 Annex IV (continued) 5. The text of the TCR to chapter 58 is designated as TCR 2 to such chapter and shall be included in general note 12(0 below the side heading "Chapter 58.", and the following new provisions are inserted immediately below such side heading: "Note: The following TCR I applies only to goods of Canada under the terms of this note. I. A change to warp pile fabrics, cut, of subheading 5801\17735 (the foregoing fabrics with pile of d\177y-spun acrylic staple fibers of subheading 5503.30 and dyed in the piece to a single uniform color) from any other chapter, except from headings 5106 through 5113, 5204 through 5212, 5307 through 5308 or 5310 through 531 I, chapter 54, headings 5501 through 5502, subheadings 5503.10 through 5503.20 or 5503.40 through 5503.90 or headings 5504 through 5515." Annex V Effective with respect to goods entered, or withdrawn from warehouse for consumption, on or after December 18, 2004, the Harmonized Tariff Schedule of the United States (HTS) is hereby modified as follows: 1. General note 7 to the HTS is modified by inserting at the end thereof the following new subdivision: "(h) The duty-free treatment provided under the CBERA shall not apply to any footwear provided for in any of subheadings 6401.10.00, 6401.91.00, 6401.92.90, 6401.99.30, 6401.99.60, 6401.99.90, 6402.30.50, 6402.30.70, 6402.30.80, 6402.91.50, 6402.91.80, 6402.91.90, 6402.99.20, 6402.99.80, 6402.99.90, 6403.59.60, 6403.91.30, 6403.99.60, 6403.99.90, 6404.11.90 and 6404.19.20 of the tarlff schedule that was not designated on December 18, 2004, as eligible articles for purposes of the GSP under general note 4 to the tariff schedule." 2. General note 17 to the HTS is modified as follows: (A) by redesignating subdivision (d) of such note as subdivision (e); (B) deleting "Articles" at the beginning of the text of subdivision (b) of such note and by inserting in lieu themof"Except as pmvided in subdivision (d) of this note, articles"; and (C) by inserting the following new subdivision (d) in sequence: "(d) Subdivision (b)(ii) of this note shall not apply to footwear provided for in any of subheadings 6403.59\17760, 6403.91.30, 6403.99.60 and 6403.99.90 of the tariff schedule, and footwear provided for in any such subheading shall be eligible for the rate of duty set forth in the "Special" rates of duty subcolumn followed by the symbol "R" in parentheses if-- (i) the article of footwear is the growth, product or manufacture of a designated beneficiary country enumerated in subdivision (a) of this note; and (ii) the article meets all requirements of general note 7 to the tariff schedule other than being the growth, product or manufacture of a beneficiary country set forth in subdivision (a) of such general note 7." 3\177 For each of the following subheadings of HTS chapter 64, the symbol "E," is inserted in alphabetical sequence in the parenthetical expression following the duty rate of"Free" in the Rates of Duty 1-Special subcolumn: 89