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Explanation of This Title

This volume of "Title 3—The President" contains a compilation of Presidential documents and a codification of regulations issued by the Executive Office of the President.

The 2011 Compilation contains the full text of those documents signed by the President that were required to be published in the Federal Register. Signature date rather than publication date is the criterion for inclusion. With each annual volume, the Presidential documents signed in the previous year become the new compilation.

Chapter I contains regulations issued by the Executive Office of the President. This section is a true codification like other CFR volumes, in that its contents are organized by subject or regulatory area and are updated by individual issues of the Federal Register.

Presidential documents in this volume may be cited "3 CFR, 2011 Comp." Thus, the preferred abbreviated citation for Proclamation 8622 appearing on page 1 of this book, is "3 CFR, 2011 Comp., p. 1." Chapter I entries may be cited "3 CFR." Thus, the preferred abbreviated citation for section 100.1, appearing in chapter I of this book, is "3 CFR 100.1."

This book is one of the volumes in a series that began with Proclamation 2161 of March 19, 1936, and Executive Order 7316 of March 13, 1936, and that has been continued by means of annual compilations and periodic cumulations. The entire Title 3 series, as of January 1, 2012, is encompassed in the volumes listed on page iv.

For readers interested in proclamations and Executive orders prior to 1936, there is a two-volume set entitled Proclamations and Executive Orders, Herbert Hoover (March 4, 1929, to March 4, 1933). Codified Presidential documents are published in the Codification of Presidential Proclamations and Executive Orders (April 13, 1945—January 20, 1989). Other public Presidential documents not required to be published in the Federal Register, such as speeches, messages to Congress, and statements, can be found in the Compilation of Presidential Documents and the Public Papers of the Presidents series. A selection of these Office of the Federal Register publications are available for sale from the Superintendent of Documents, Government Printing Office, Washington, DC 20402.

This book was prepared in the Presidential Documents and Legislative Division under the supervision of Stacey A. Mulligan. The Chief Editor for the 2011 Compilation was Michael J. Forcina, assisted by Lois M. Davis.