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[bull. 39


A little boy s friends were all gone. His uncle was a great hunter, and the little boy was always going around far up in the woods with bow and arrows. He was growing bigger. He also went out with his uncle. His uncle went about everywhere to kill things. He always brought plenty of game down from the mountains. One time he again went hunting. At that time the inside of the house was full of the sides of mountain sheep, on racks. His uncle s wife hated her husband s little nephew very much. When she went outside for a moment, he broke off a little piece of fat from the sides of mountain sheep hanging on the rack, to put inside of his cheek. Although there was so much he broke off only so much. Then his uncle s wife looked all around. The end piece was not there. "Is it you that has done this?" she said to her husband s little nephew. He DucAgu ni qotx ciTwaxTx yil-At-k-U tsk! . Duka k qo a At His friends destroyed all were a little boy s. His uncle, how- be- ever, slate x siti. TcIagu tsA nagu ttc yu-At-kU tsk! u tcu net tin yuda q. come a was. Everywhere was always the little boy bow and with way up in great hunter going around arrows the woods. DesgwA tc Llaga lige. An wuliga s!. Qolye s At wudja q cut Now he was get- With him lie went out. For a long things he could kill any- ting bigger. time where nagu ttc duktl k Cfi yadadAx yeq At kudje ltc aLe n. was always his uncle from the moun- down things he always plenty, going tains brought Wananl sawe wugQ t ts!u At Kin. Yti ncl qo a At-kAgedl tc At once he went again things to hunt. In the house, how- sides of moun- ever tain sheep coalihi kyu kAxyi. Hawa staga Acilda n doxo x qel kU tsk! . GA nde it was full of upon a rack. [His uncle s wife] hated him her bus- nephew little. Outside ch very much band s nagu tawe duka k CAt ya kAxyex dixwA tsli Atkage di cutx awaLi q! when she was his uncle s wife on the rack hanging the mountain- from it he broke off going sheep sides yutayA/k! tc!a dii wAc tu ga. Hagu sa LAX ye yakuga yi At. a little piece just his cheek for the in- Much very yet he only broke off so of fat side of. much. At aoLige n doka k cAttc. Le gwayA i acu wua. " Wae tc gawe ge Looked all his uncle s wife. Then not it was was any there. "You is ? around ye sini," Le yu ayaosiqa duxo x qel k!Atsk! u . Tc!a ade gAxye de 10 did it," then she said to her hus- nephew little. Just at it he was crying band s qFor another version of the first part of this story, see Emmons, The Chilkat Blanket, in Memoirs of American Museum of Natural History, in, 333-334.