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Following the current course of courtesies,—
For length of residence of kin or kith
Take for one instance that of Throsby Smith
Whose name melodious has so famous grown
That the Lake songsters warble it alone.”——

Then cast Saint Charles in rich Corinthian brass
A grand finale to an eight years farce
And every Pandarus——————.

The lazy constables the vellum bear
And force in terror each hind’s signature,—
The clans are roused; forth goes the burning brand
Loud swells the Mort note o’er Australia’s strand
Far o’er the waves reverberates the horn,
For the last time; a going, going, gone.——

What Martin this that chirps about the Hall
For ever piping with new note for all?—
Stare stupid M. C.’s. at research so dry,
And which alone wont shine in orat’ry—
That flippant Police Court style just cast aside
And manliness will many a defect hide——
Demosthenes selects some seamew shore
And would outroar the breakers in their roar
While pebble mouthed he thus his stammer cures
Like like begets ’t will do the same for yours
Tyro as yet—you’ll play the Stateman’s game
Perchance may occupy a niche in fame,—
Integrity of purpose, strength of mind,
Will leave your lubber compeers far behind——

Hail native Nichalls gift with common sense
Of vig’rous mind and sober diligence,
Of various talent, fit for better cause
Than pettifogging in our antique laws—
As you have felt the kindly aid of Jews
Plead for their Rabbi nor the tin refuse,
In every skirmish; in the van you stood
Your acts intended for your country’s good.—

Hit Murray hard, thou man of solemn mood
Of lengthened visage and of rectitude