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Ill patient’s stomach belches, quantum suff,
Cogs from old tomes, and dishes up a treat
From musty shelves and artistes obsolete.———

Discovery follows, tho’ secure you seem,
Your prosy tracts with plagiarism teem
And what you stole from German Poets dream

Unrivalled poetaster ’tis but meet,
You strive with H H, Sydney’s Laureate,
Equal in poesy or ideal mind
Another Beaumont would a Fletcher find——
Lie in thy throat, malicious ugly knave
Thy tongue be blistered, ere it foul the brave,
Nor privilege of age, that coward cry
Slur o’er thy slanders with impunity.
Free as my will, my power, ere this had bled,
The wretch who dared calumniate the dead———

The cannon thunders, here be known to all,
Fall of Ballaarat and Sebastopol
Tho twofold tale tho bulletins unfold,
And Nickel here invades tho Land of Gold——
While England’s Armies wade in blood of foes,
They spill her own at the Antipodes———
This ruthless sortie terror caused, ’tis plain;
And Glencoe’s massacre’s rehearsed again———
Successful skirmish on La Plata’s Bank
Cannot bring brains as easily as rank,
Victoria’s Viceroy’s brains it seems are bare
As the strange strategy that’s fostered there,
May this poor policy not prove our loss,
Nor proud St. George sink ’neath the Starry cross

Of various changes men must undergo
See Crœsus’ now, but paupers while ago
Ask not, how they amassed their mighty wealth,
Not easy solved, nor clean the bill of health,
Full many a Dives on the bleak North Shore
Has raised his mansion and his ample store
That Blocksome couple (sunk the lodging house)