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Unstable mill-fords mere dammed clods of clay
Yield to the tide, and leave the Deil to pay
At Rome as Roman; do in Botany Bay———

Or search for authors thro’ the learned clan
Refer with pride to plodding Brallaghan
Whose skill made index for the old Gazettes
(I wish he’d tell us those who paid their debts)
Australia’s volume in appropriate calf
Upset all gravity; as dustman’s laugh
The Crystal Palace shook; Britannia gains,
And copper medal pays him for his pains——

We’ve demi some flunkey Monday’s book
Well known as Friday on the route he took
For ever acting the man Friday’s part,
To Crusoe Charlie, or in Deass cart——
Whole tiresome pages with the burthen team
Of what he is, and what he might have been,
Warms o’er his “Punch,” to that delightfull state
When cozy gossips can deliberate,
Espies a “gent” in Stockmans “tidy feet”
Flea cracker, bug destroyer to the suite——

Vile egotism and wolf’s appetite
Appear this witlings acme of delight
How would he batten on thy salads Wright?

My coachman, footman, valet, and my groom,
My butcher, baker, farrier,
each of whom
Courts his fair sweetheart in the maiden’s room,——
My Surgeon, daily asks “my wife” what ails her
Monopolized each trade but undertaker——
Shall he thus daub each “pretty wife,” indeed
Whom hospitality presents a feed?——
Beware how rinkled rakes rakes approach your gate
Your maids and daughters to enumerate,
(What matters marriage? in this land ’tis known
The married rake walks o’er the course alone)
To glean a lying yarn from serving men
To pilfer halfpence with their paltry pen,
Which, but proclaims the want of whip at schoul