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Pronounced just as you please, but it will rhyme
In Sydney dialect and ding-dong chime.——
For shame! for shame! good Cuthills name refuse
And brand “The Foundlings” the itinerant muse

Let Tommy Barker put his fortune down
And shine a second Heriot in renown
Then may St. Barker puppefy the town—

Euphonious is the name of Tommy B.
Euphonious his colonial history
Chief Justice and Chief Miller thick as thieves
Antithesis of our antipodes.—

Solicitor “ethereal mildness come,”
’Tis sweet from out the d——d to rescue some,
Your foibles are weak man’s, ’t were painful praise
To hold you honest in these golden days,
When honesty’s reward is Fortune’s frown,
So trite the fact it has a proverb grown,
’Tis strategy, not strength, that lands the trout,
All cut, like Poleaxe but—they’re not found out.
You’re rather prosy, full stop, and hum drum,
A trifle that besides your comrade’s mum,
Ryan’s happy answer, written on your heart,
Shows repartee may sometimes good impart,
Your tongue be tempered, nor o’eract in farce,
He heaves no stones, whose house is built of glass—

So now I’ve handled all the hireling hacks,
(Fine steel heeds not the harness on their backs)
I’ll wipe the blade o’er every peltry loon
And speak to Speaker in his proper tune——
Look where he sits ensconced in ample chair,
A jackal silent in a lion’s lair——
’Tis by the gross that nature breeds such things,
Insects of even that have cast their wings,
All, all alike, without a plume to soar,
But armed with weapons, sharp to sink them lower,
Tho’ versed in all, being no detective spy,
Some secrets I will spare publicity,