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Dear Nurſe,

Your diligence and tenderneſs in bringing up my children, will always command my utmoſt endeavours to ſerve you. And as I cannot but approve, ſo I recommend this your laudable deſign, of compiling a Collection of Songs, ſo fit for the capacities of Infants, both in words and tunes, by which they are often lull'd to reſt, when croſs, and in great pain. The firſt Songs are very ſuitably compoſ'd for a Baby, but pray be careful, not to ſing them too loud; leſt you frighten the child, when you deſign to lull it to sleep, or divert it; for you know, great care ought to be obſerved as to the early ſenſe of children, ſome