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of organization of an Australian tribe therefore looks as follows:

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The twelve totem groups are brought under four subclasses and two main classes. All the divisions are exogamous.[1] The subclass c forms an exogamous unit with e, and the subclass d with f. The success or the tendency of these arrangements is quite obvious; they serve as a further restriction on the marriage choice and on sexual freedom. If there were only these twelve totem groups—assuming the same number of people in each group—every member of a group would have 1112 of all the women of the tribe to choose from. The existence of the two phratries reduces this number to 612 or 12; a man of the totem a can only marry a woman from the groups 1 to 6. With the introduction of the two subclasses the selection sinks to 312 or 14; a man of

  1. The number of totems is arbitrarily chosen.