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Feb. 2, 1834.]
[No. 26.—Price 4d.


(Extracted from Bishop Beveridge's Sermon on the subject.)

I have done what I could; I have taken all occasions to convince you of your sin and danger in neglecting this Blessed Sacrament, and to persuade you to a more frequent receiving of it; but I see nothing will do: indeed nothing can do it but the Almighty Power of God, whom I therefore beseech of His Infinite Mercy to open men's eyes, that they may "see the things that belong to their everlasting peace, before they be hid from them." And then I am sure this Sacrament would be as much frequented, as it hath been hitherto neglected. But seeing He is usually pleased to do this great work by the Ministry of His Word, I shall make it my business at this time, in His name, to put you in mind of your duty and interest in this particular, and so set before you such reasons why you ought to take all opportunities of receiving the Mystical Body and Blood of Christ your Saviour, as I hope by His blessing may prevail with many to do it: God grant that it may do so with all that hear me at this time.

For this purpose, therefore, I desire you to consider, First, that this is Christ's own Institution and Command. He, "who being in the form of God, thought it no robbery to be equal with God, and yet made Himself of no reputation for your sakes." He, who loved you so, as to give Himself for you,—He, who laid down His own life to redeem and save you,—He, the very night before He died for you, He then instituted this Holy Sacrament; and He then said to all that hoped to be saved by Him, and to you among others, "Do this in remembrance of Me;" and, "do this as oft as ye drink it, in remembrance of me." What? and will you that hope to be saved by Him, will you never do this at all? Or only now and then, when perhaps you have nothing else to do? How then can ye hope to be saved by Him? Do you think that He will