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Dec. 11, 1833.]


No. XI.


Account of the Martyrdom of St. James, the Apostle, who is called the Lord's brother, and was the first Bishop of Jerusalem.

(From the Church History of Eusebius.)

The Church was delivered over to the Apostles, and especially to James, the Lord's brother; who was surnamed the Just, by one consent, from the Lord's time, even to our own. James was the name of many besides him; but this man was holy even from his mother's womb. He drank no wine, nor strong drink; neither did he eat any living thing; the razor came not on his head; he anointed not his body with oil, nor indulged in the luxury of the bath. He alone had leave to enter into the Holy place; his garment being not of woollen stuff, but of linen. So he used to go alone into the Temple, and was found continually kneeling on his knees, and praying for the forgiveness of the people; insomuch that his knees became hard, even as a camel's knees, because he was continually kneeling, worshipping God, and praying for the forgiveness of the people. Wherefore, by reason of his exceeding righteousness, he was called Dicæus and Oblias; which mean, being interpreted, the Just Man, and the Defence of the People, as the prophets declare concerning him.

It came to pass that certain of the seven sects of the people enquired of him. How Jesus was the door. And he said, That this Jesus was the Saviour; whence some believed that Jesus was the Christ. Now the sects, whereunto the aforementioned persons belonged, believed neither in the Resurrection, nor that Christ should come hereafter to render to every man according to his works. But all who believe, believed through