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Sec. I]

Power of Chairman to transfer cases from one Bench to another. 96. On the application of any of the parties and after notice to the parties, and after hearing such of them as he may desire to be heard, or on his own motion without such notice, the Chairman may transfer any case pending before one Bench, for disposal, to any other Bench.

Procedure for application for rectification, etc., before Appellate Board. 97. (1) An application for rectification of the register made to the Appellate Board under section 57 shall be in such form as may be prescribed.

(2) A certified copy of every order or judgment of the Appellate Board relating to a registered trade mark under this Act shall be communicated to the Registrar by the Board and the Registrar shall give effect to the order of the Board and shall, when so directed, amend the entries in, or rectify, the register in accordance with such order.

Appearance of Registrar in legal proceedings. 98. (1) The Registrar shall have the right to appear and be heard—

(a) in any legal proceedings before the Appellate Board in which the relief sought includes alteration or rectification of the register or in which any question relating to the practice of the Trade Marks Registry is raised;

(b) in any appeal to the Board from an order of the Registrar on an application for registration of a trade mark—

(i) which is not opposed, and the application is either refused by the Registrar or is accepted by him subject to any amendments, modifications, conditions or limitations, or

(ii) which has been opposed and the Registrar considers that his appearance is necessary in the public interest,

and the Registrar shall appear in any case if so directed by the Board.

(2) Unless the Appellate Board otherwise directs, the Registrar may, in lieu of appearing, submit a statement in writing signed by him, giving such particulars as he thinks proper of the proceedings before him relating to the matter in issue or of the grounds of any decision given by him affecting it, or of the practice of the Trade Marks Registry in like cases, or of other matters relevant to the issues and within his knowledge as Registrar, and such statement shall be evidence in the proceeding.

Costs of Registrar in proceedings before Appellate Board. 99. In all proceedings under this Act before the Appellate Board the costs of the Registrar shall be in the discretion of the Board, but the Registrar shall not be ordered to pay the costs of any of the parties.

Transfer of pending proceedings to Appellate Board. 100. All cases of appeals against any order or decision of the Registrar and all cases pertaining to rectification of register, pending before any High Court, shall be transferred to the Appellate Board from the date as notified by the Central Government in the Official Gazette and the Appellate Board may proceed with the matter either de novo or from the stage it was so transferred.


Offences, penalties, and procedure

Meaning of applying trade marks and trade descriptions. 101. (1) A person shall be deemed to apply a trade mark or mark or trade description to goods or services who—

(a) applies it to the goods themselves or uses it in relation to services; or

(b) applies it to any package in or with which the goods are sold, or exposed for sale, or had in possession for sale or for any purpose of trade or manufacture; or

(c) places, encloses or annexes any goods which are sold, or exposed for sale, or had in possession for sale or for any purpose of trade or manufacture, in or with any package or other thing to which a trade mark or mark or trade description has been applied; or