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New Zealand Institute.

3. The bye-laws of every Society to be incorporated as aforesaid shall provide for the expenditure of not less than one-third of its annual revenue in or towards the formation or support of some local public Museum or Library; or otherwise shall provide for the contribution of not less than one-sixth of its said revenue towards the extension and maintenance of the Museum and Library of the New Zealand Institute.

4. Any Society incorporated as aforesaid which shall in any one year fail to expend the proportion of revenue affixed in manner provided by Rule 3 aforesaid, shall from thenceforth cease to be incorporated with the Institute.

5. All papers read before any Society for the time being incorporated with the Institute, shall be deemed to be communications to the Institute, and may then be published as proceedings or transactions of the Institute, subject to the following regulations of the Board of the Institute regarding publications:—

Regulations regarding Publications.

(a.) The publications of the Institute shall consist of a current abstract of the proceedings of the Societies for the time being incorporated with the Institute, to be intituled, "Proceedings of the New Zealand Institute," and of transactions comprising papers read before the Incorporated Societies (subject, however, to selection as hereinafter mentioned), to be intituled, "Transactions of the New Zealand Institute."

(b.) The Institute shall have power to reject any papers read before any of the Incorporated Societies.

(c.) Papers so rejected will be returned to the Society before which they were read.

(d.) A proportional contribution may be required from each Society towards the cost of publishing the proceedings and transactions of the Institute.

(e.) Each Incorporated Society will be entitled to receive a proportional number of copies of the proceedings and transactions of the Institute, to be from time to time fixed by the Board of Governors.

(f.) Extra copies will be issued to any of the Members of Incorporated Societies at the cost price of publication.

6. All property accumulated by or with funds derived from Incorporated Societies and placed in the charge of the Institute, shall be vested in the Institute, and be used and applied at the discretion of the Board of Governors for public advantage, in like manner with any other of the property of the Institute.

7. Subject to "The New Zealand Institute Act, 1867," and to the foregoing rules, all Societies incorporated with the Institute shall be entitled to retain or alter their own form of constitution and the bye-laws for their own management, and shall conduct their own affairs.

8. Upon application signed by the Chairman and countersigned by the Secretary of any Society, accompanied by the certificate required under Rule No. 1, a certificate of incorporation will be granted under the Seal of the Institute, and will remain in force as long as the foregoing rules of the Institute are complied with by the Society.

Section II.

For the Management of the Property of the Institute.

9. All donations by Societies, Public Departments, or private individuals, to the Museum of the Institute, shall be acknowledged by a printed form of receipt, and shall be duly entered in the books of the Institute provided for that purpose, and shall then be dealt with as the Board of Governors may direct.