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Incorporated Societies.


Office-bearers for 1881:—President—G. M. Thomson, F.L.S.; Vice-presidents—Dr. Hocken, A. Montgomery; Hon. Secretary—Professor Parker; Hon. Treasurer—D. Petrie, M.A.; Auditor—D. Brent, M.A.; Council—Dr. Coughtrey, R. Gillies, F.L.S., W. Arthur, C.E., G. Joachim, H. Skey, W. M. Hodgkins, W. N. Blair, C.E.

Office-bearers for 1882:—President—W. Arthur, C.E.; Vice-presidents—G. M. Thomson, F.L.S., G. Joachim: Hon. Secretary—Professor Parker; Hon. Treasurer—D. Petrie, M.A.; Auditor—D. Brent, M.A.; Council—Right Rev. Bishop Nevill, Rev. Dr. Roseby, Professor Mainwaring Brown, Professor Scott, W. N. Blair, C.E., A. Montgomery, R. Gillies, F.L.S.

Extracts from the Constitution and Rules of the Otago Institute.

2. Any person desiring to join the Society may be elected by ballot, on being proposed in writing at any meeting of the Council or Society by two members, on payment of the annual subscription of one guinea for the year then current.

5. Members may at any time become life members by one payment of ten pounds and ten shilllngs, in lieu of future annual subscriptions.

8. An Annual General Meeting of the members of the Society shall be held in January in each year, at which meeting not less than ten members must be present, otherwise the meeting shall be adjourned by the members present from time to time, until the requisite number of members is present.

(5.) The session of the Otago Institute shall be during the winter months, from May to October, both inclusive.


Office-bearers for 1880:—President—His Honour Judge Weston; Vice-president—Dr. Giles, R.M.; Committee—Dr. James, J. Pearson, J. Nicholson, H. L. Robinson, R. W. Wade, D. McDonald, J. Anderson, T. O. W. Croft, C. E. Tempest, F. A. Learmonth, J. H. Hankins, A. H. King; Hon. Treasurer—W. A. Spence; Secretary—Richard Hilldrup.

Office-bearers for 1881:—President—Dr. Giles, R.M.; Vice-president—W. A. Spence; Hon. Treasurer—T. O. W. Croft; Secretary—E. Hilldrup; Council—R. C. Reid, M.H.R., A. H. King, E. F. Rich, J. Pearson, G. A. Paterson, J. Nicholson, D. McDonald, H. E. Rae, McL. W. Jack; F. A. Learmonth, R. W. Wade, Dr. James.

Extracts from the Rules of the Westland Institute.

3. The Institute shall consist:—(1.) Of life members, i.e., persons who have at any one time made a donation to the Institute of ten pounds ten shillings or upwards; or persons who, in reward of special services rendered to the Institute, have been unanimously elected as such by the Committee or at the general half-yearly meeting. (2) Of members who pay two pounds two shillings each year. (3) Of members paying smaller sums—not less than ten shillings.

5. The Institute shall hold a half-yearly meeting on the third Monday in the months of December and June.