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Aikin, Arthur, Esq. Observations on the Wrekin, and on the Great Coal-field of Shropshire 191
Actynolite, Glassy, globular concretions of, in the Amygdaloid of Caer Caradoc 211
Alderley Edge, Account of 40
Alderney, Isle of, Dr. Mac Culloch's Account of 3
Alluvial Depositions of Ores, Observations on, by Dr. Berger 161
Aluminous Chalybeate Spring, in the Isle of Wight, Dr. Marcet's Account of 213
──────── Index to the Account of 248
Amygdaloid, near Exeter, 101 — Variety of, at Caer Caradoc in Shropshire, 210 — Calcareo-manganesian, of Upton Tyne in Devonshire, 102 — Slaty, between Saltram and Plympton Earle, 104
Andalusite, found in the County of Wicklow 275
Argillaceous Breccia, remarkable rocks of, in Jersey 21
Argillaceous Porphyry, Lumps of, stuck in granite 11
Argillaceous Rock on the western side of the Malvern Hills 306
Arseniate of Copper found in Cornwall 26
Arseniate of Iron of Cornwall, Mr. Phillips's Description of 27
Arseniate of Lead found in Cornwall 166
Bardiglione, The Count de Bournon on, 355—Essential specific characters of, 355—Accidental characters of, 358—Table of the varieties of, S59—Observations on the primitive crystal and integrand molecule of, 368—General Observations on, 372-Remarks on the term, 383—Table of the modifications of the primitive crystal of, 386-Table of the modification of the primitive crystal of, according to the determination of the Abbé Haüy 387
Barytes, Sulphate of, in the interior of shells contained in limestone 311
Barytes, Granular Sulphate of, found in the County of Cork 279
Basalt, Columnar, in the Island of Madeira 393
Bennett, The Hon. Henry Grey, Sketch of the Geology of Madeira 391