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Potter's Clay in Hampshire 253
Primitive Rocks of Cornwall; heights which indicate the line of superposition of the secondary rocks on the 1 82
Pumice, beds of in the Island of Madeira 3 96
─────── containing veins of carbonate of lime and zeolite 396
Pyrites produced from the decomposition of sulphate of iron by animal matter 400
Quarries near Exeter, account of the 99
Quartz-Grit of Shropshire 208
Quartz, Granular, of the Malvern Hills 302
Quartz-Rock, Conical Mountains in the vicinity of Dublin; composed of 271
Quartzose Loose Sand, Formation of, in the Isle of Wight 252
Resinous Matter found in the blue clay stratum of Highgate Hill 339
Rock Salt District of Cheshire, Mr. Holland's sketch of the, 38 general situation, thickness, &c. of the beds of, 45—account of the strata of the, 49, 62—interior character of the beds of, 52—considerations on the origin of 57
Saint Michael's Mount in Cornwall, description of 142
Salt, White, Manufacture of in Cheshire 43
Sandstone-hills in Cheshire 39
Schorl Rock of Cornwall 125, 151
Sercq, Island of, Dr. Mac Culloch's description of 13
Serpentine Formation of Cornwall 128
─────── general remarks on, by Dr. Berger 131
Shepey, Isle of, account of the Fossil remains found there 337
Shropshire, Great Coal-Field of Mr. Aikin's observations on 191
Sienite of Guernsey, 11—of Sercq, 16—of Jersey, 21—of the Malvern Hills 294
Slate Clay in Shropshire 207
Soap Rock of Cornwall 130, 136
Steatite, various kinds of, in Sercq 18
Steatitical Vein in Sercq 17
Sulphate of Iron, Mr. Pepys on the decomposition of by animal matter 399
Sulphur or “ Soufrière” of the Island of Montserrat, Dr. Nugent's account of the 185
Talcose Slate, bed of in Cornwall 128