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XI. A Sketch of the Geology of the Lincolnshire Wolds.

By Mr. EDWARD BOGG, Land Surveyor.
Communicated by H. Warburton, Esq. Secretary of the Geological Society.

[Read January 19th, 1816.]

Being resident in a district which has been but little noticed as to its geological structure, I have drawn up the following remarks on its stratification; and though omissions may occur, yet I trust that an account of the Wolds of Lincolnshire and the adjacent country, may not prove uninteresting to the members of the Geological Society.

In conformity to the request of the Rev. Mr. Buckland, Professor of Mineralogy in the University of Oxford, I have endeavoured to trace on the annexed map, Pl. 24. fig. 4. the denudation's or bassets of the chalk, the oolite limestone, and the sand strata, together with the alluvial earth and hills of the same formation, with as much accuracy as my personal knowledge and the nature of the country will admit. I have also added a sketch of a section, Pl. 24. fig. 3. on the same scale as the map with respect to horizontal distance (the elevation being merely imaginary) intended to elucidate the order of the stratification.