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Trap tuff, in Sky 59
Tremolite, found abundantly in the marble of Glen Tilt 285
─────── peculiar granular variety found in Glen Tilt 288
─────── of Cornwall. The Rev. W. Gregor on 399
Uranium. Mr. W. Phillips on the Oxyd of, of Cornwall 112
Veins of trap, in Sky 75
────────── two sets of different ages 76
──── of clinkstone, in Sky 78
─── frequency of, at Strathaird in Sky 79
Vein, of greenstone, in Glen Tilt 281
──── large limestone, in the conglomerate of Somersetshire 357
──── of sulphate of barytes, in the limestone of Cannington Park 365
Wacke, balls of, contained in a calcareous vein in chalk 173
──── interstratified with chalk in a conformable position 173
──── of the North of Ireland, described 187
Wells, in the chalk of the Lincolshire Wolds communicate with the sea 393
Whin dykes, of Fairhead, described 205
Wood Coal, occurs in the North of Ireland 188
Zeolites, abundant in the trap, in Sky 10
────── resist decomposition for a long time 10
────── found in great quantities in the Storr, in Sky 16
────── abundant in the amygdaloidal trap, in Sky 58188
────── description of the, in Sky 82
────── cubic, found in the North of Ireland 188